Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's official!

Well, I purchased our plane tickets today. So, it's official. We head to Chile on January 11, 2011. It feels like another milestone in the process of our dream turning into reality (although the price of 4 tickets to Chile was maybe a little too much reality).

The funny thing about purchasing tickets for a year's stay is that airlines only post flights around 330 days ahead. So we are having to purchase round trip tickets with a return in October and knowing that we'll have to change the dates to a return next December. Changing ticket dates can cost up to $250 per ticket (for 4 tickets that adds up), so the travel agent who helped me today specifically directed me to two foreign airlines which only charges $50 per ticket to change dates. Who knew?

So despite the protestations of my 95 year old grandma Verna that we must be crazy... come January we're heading out!

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  1. OK...wow, congrats. We have only crossed paths at events...Lynne and i didn't know that Chile was the chosen location, how cool. We are going to start checking your site, love the photos. Wonder if there is an occasional 'yard role' or mentoring we can play for your garden...depends on who rents your house I know. Anyway, would be pleased to do that!

    congrats you all. Have to admit, my favorite blog writer so far: Theo!!!