Friday, January 21, 2011


We have been spending a week in a city called Valparaiso. It is a port town so there are a lot of boats here which is really cool if you go down in the port and see the ships. We have been staying in a really nice hostel when you go inside the passage way you will see six or seven cats on your way to the hostel there are also a lot of stray cats or dogs when your just going on a regular walk around the city. There are a lot of hills in Valparaiso, but not any in Vina del Mar. On the hills there are outstanding houses some are on a cliff and a little part of them is leaning off the cliff and looking like it is going to fall of any minute.

Another thing about Valparaiso that is nice is that it has lots of transportation like buses, metro, trolly car and the most intertaining was the finicular. The buses were nice but hot in the day because they stopped every few minutes. The metro was very nice just like the one in Santiago but we think it might be newer than the one in Santiago. And the trolly car was unike just like the one in Minnesota that goes by Lake Harriet (see green and white below). The finicular is almost like a outdoor elevator on a hill. The one we took was very old and it was very unique when you are going up or down the other one goes the opposite way (see picture above with Chilean flag). It is very cool to go in it.

When you look out our window it is a beautiful site. You can see the boats and the Pacific Ocean and tons of other stuff. It is really pretty. Hope your doing well. Grace


  1. OHHH. I love all the transportation options. They all sound great! I'll show them to Boris tomorrow when he's awake

  2. It looks like Theo is growing! Or is it just because Gracie was bending over? You look like you are adjusting well to a new climate and environment. Varlparaiso sounds like a fascinating city.

    We continue to have snow and below zero temps--no surprise, I guess.

    Love, Grandma Mary

  3. Sometimes my comments float off into space somewhere. The one I thought I just sent you expressed my astonishment at how Theo appears to have grown (or maybe it's just because Gracie is bending over).

    I like the looks of Valparaiso--very fascinating.

    It's below zero here tonight but it's supposed to warm up a bit in the next few days. It's making me very envious to see you without coats and boots.

    Love, Grandma Mary, who is hoping she doesn't have to type the same comment once again.

  4. If I was riding the funicular with you, I would be singing, "Funiculi, funicular! Funiculi, funicular!" This is why my family can't take me anywhere nice.

    Mario Lanza - Funiculi , Funicula . Neopolitan

    And Happy Birthday, Dan!

  5. Russ, I love it! I'll have to restrain myself from belting that out next time we ride up the hill...