Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sweet goodbyes...

A big thank you to all that were able to join us for a wonderful goodbye/skating/sledding party! What fun! What a great community! We loved seeing all the friends and family - even if its a bit of a tease as we weren't able to spend the time we would have liked with each one of you.

But Theo loved playing hockey with all his pals. Gracie had a blast skating with friends and cousins and hanging out on the turtle chatting. Dan visited and I hugged and cried over many dear friends and family. That's okay because there aren't really words to describe how fortunate we feel to have you all in our lives. We feel bouyed and supported and sent off as the most fortunate of folks.

I should add our updates as well. We rented the house! The suspense has ended. When I wrote three weeks ago about finding renters and that things couldn't get much more last minute, my 26 year old sister Caitlin commented that she hardly considered three weeks last minute! Well, how about three days! We signed a year's lease on Friday night to a really nice couple that are moving here from Seattle. Whew...

And despite the appearance of my mother-in-law's house with boxes and suitcases, electronics and clothes strewn everywhere (sorry Jackie) we will somehow finish things up tomorrow and board a plane on Tuesday morning and really start our family adventure.

Thanks for such an amazing send off!

Laura, Dan, Grace and Theo


  1. Congratulations on renting your house! Best wishes for a great trip!

  2. OMG you are so organized to have all those photos uploaded already. I knew you would have! What a great party it was and so many warm and wonderful people gathered together. You know you'll be taking your community of support and love with you. We'll miss you terribly but keep it all warm and ready for your return in a year. Thanks again for sharing your precious time with us. It was really fun.

    The Bittner-Eddys

  3. Buen Viaje! Buen viaje!
    So great you rented the house. Hooray!
    I'm smiling just thinking of the amazing time you will have. Can't wait to hear the updates of your arrival.