Thursday, January 20, 2011

it's beach time!

Hi everyone! Here is a picture of grace and me, and we are at the beach! Yesterday we went to a beach with sea lions. Here are some pictures of the sea lions eating the fish the people throw to them and pelicans chasing them for the leftovers. All these beaches are pretty close to where we are staying. Yesterday we went to two!



  1. Oh, how lovely. And oh, how I wish I was there. All we have is waves of snow and then more waves of cold air. Argh. Glad someone is enjoying the weather in their neck of the woods!

  2. Hey guys, chasing the waves looked really fun! We miss you here. Whats your favorite thing so far?
    stuck in snow!- Solana!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S did I mention we miss you here! BYE

  3. Hey guys we miss you soooooooooo much. those desserts look delicious. Whats your favorite? By the way your blogs pretty cool. We like reading it. The beaches look pretty fun BYE
    From Ice freezing franny

  4. hi theo those beaches looked very strong and mighty in the photos but i think it would be calmer on a day that wasn't as windy.also how often do you go there? i hope you are having fun and i wish you were back here in minnesota in my class and with all of our other classmates.

  5. Hi Etta - The waves aren't any weaker when it's not windy. It would be more like it if you added 'cold' after the strong and mighty, because the waves are coming from Antarctica! We've been going to the beach about 3 times a week, for a few hours. I wish you were here to enjoy the sunshine! - Theo