Wednesday, January 12, 2011

critica gastronomica 2

When we went out to our first meal it just happened that they had beets! The chicken was very good to but the spinach and carrot salad was not so good and my chicken was the best of all of our food in my opinion. I am looking forward to more good food thanks a lot


here's our hotel

Here's Chilean pesos- 10,000 pesos is $20 US dollars. I'm rich!


  1. Wow. You are doing great! Empanadas already!

    It looks beautiful So glad you made it fine.

    Love, Grandma Mary

  2. Hi I am friends with Charlie and I am from Chile he sent me an email telling me about your trip, of course I wish you have the best time and great memories from my country, we chileans are friendly and have a great sense of humor and also good eaters!!!!!mmmmm. good luck and the most important thing is to have fun and the gift you are giving your children the experience of getting to know other cultures so lucky for them (I wish I could do that with my kids they are 9 and 13). Buena suerte.

    Maria B.

  3. Felicidades. So great to hear news. When you get a chance be sure to try the drink "Mote con huesillos." It is often sold on the street. Once you try it, post to let me know if you liked it!


  4. @Maria - hi! Thanks for checking out our blog. We're enjoying your country very much so far. The people here in Santiago are very welcoming and also patient with my very rusty Spanish. We met a very kind Chilena on the plane and she gave us lots of advice on what to see and do. At some point we must have mentioned the hotel we're staying in. The day after we arrived, she showed up at our hotel and drove us around to see the sights!

  5. @Jon - we'll look for mote con huesillos. Sounds... interesting. :-)

  6. I was a millionaire for a couple days, in Colombian pesos, then I went out for ice cream.