Monday, January 17, 2011

Hemos llegado...

We've arrived in Valparaiso. What a strange and wonderful place. At least until the next earthquake, at which time, by all appearances, all of the 100+ year old wooden buildings clinging to the hillside here will surely fall into the sea. In the meantime, Lojo will enjoy her pisco sour...


  1. Your photos and blogs are reassuring. You all look happy and relaxed. I can see that it's sunny, and you say it's warm, but it's hard to relate to that aspect of your adventure with snow falling each day here. You seem to have done a fine job of switching from winter mind set to summer vacation. Would love to be there sharing the fun. Keep sending the great photos.

    Love, Grandma Mary

  2. Oh Valpo, tan lindo, tan extrano...

    I am loving reading your updates and seeing your photos! Que emocion que han llegado a Valpo, me encanto esta ciudad! I recommend visiting Pablo Neruda's house (La chascona?) and eating chorillana (a vegetarian's nightmare-but good to try at least once in your life!). Also, the "lanchas" or "paseo yugoslavio" for day trips. Que lo pasen la raja!