Wednesday, February 2, 2011

you'll never guess what happened on our geocaching adventure.

Grace, my dad, and I were off to find a geocache, but little did we know that another surprise was waiting for us...

The geocache was on the top of a small mountain not from where we were staying in Viña del Mar. When we got to the foot of the hill, we saw a small stand and a big poster on the next small mountain over. The poster said, "Canopy". We weren't sure what it meant, but then we saw someone go over us and realized it was a zip line (see first video). So we found the geo-cache and then we went back to the foot of the other mountain. We had a snack and decided that I and possibly Gracie would do the zip line!!!

When we reached the zip line, we learned that Gracie and I had to go together to reach the minimum weight limit. So we got belted in, hooked together, put our helmets on, buckled our shoes to our life jackets (good thing Mom didn't see all this) and then we stepped off the mountain and went zooming over the ocean!!!! (Mom says, really good thing she didn't see this). See second video of us zipping. About 29 seconds later we felt a jolt. It was the thing that was supposed to stop us and it succeeded in its job. Gracie took both videos. This zip line is special because its the only one in South America that goes over the ocean. It was the funnest thing ever and not a bit scary.


  1. Wow! You are having exciting adventures! Great job writing, Theo, and wonderful job of doing the videotape, Gracie. What stops you at the end of the zip-line descent?

    Just wondering where you're going to settle. All of the photos have shown beautiful places.

    Grandma Mary

  2. I LOVE the one that Gracie took while you were on the zipline! How cool that you were able to do that.

  3. Great guts you guys!!