Saturday, February 12, 2011


As all of you now, we have been on a lot exciting adventures and on almost all of them we have seen different animals, (which was on my criteria).
Here is a list of some the animals we saw.
  1. Penguins, (both Humboldt and Magellenic).
  2. Lots of pelicans.
  3. Other birds, (we don't now the names).
  4. Turkey vultures.
  5. Sea lions.
  6. Vicuña
  7. Llamas
  8. Lizards
  9. Lots of farm animals (horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats).
  10. Stray dogs EVERYWHERE.


  1. Haley has a Sandra Boyton ABC book that lists "vicuñas violining" under V. I had no idea what a vicuña was, but now you've actually seen one. Que Bueno!

  2. Thanks for your post Theo. My sons, Thomas and William, LOVE animals (even more than Pokemon:) and thought your list and pictures were great!

  3. From Barton Classmates:
    We loved hearing about all of the animals- Janay especially likes llamas.
    Lewis now wants to go to Chile.
    We had the Humane Society come and visit on Wednesday. We got to pet her guinea pig. It's name was Stewie. We are wondering if people in Chile eat guinea pigs? How come there are sooo many stray dogs in Chile?
    We started Options again on Wednesday.
    We had a few really warm days. A lot of the snow melted. Then we got another BIG storm with more snow! And it snowed again today. Does it ever snow there?
    It sounds like you might be having more fun there than we are? Do you agree? We hope you are having fun.
    We miss you,