Monday, February 21, 2011

El Mundo de la Papa

Post script on Chiloé by GH:

Two more cool things about Chiloé

1. really interesting and strange but cool restaurant called El Mundo De La Papa (world of the potatoes) which had pretty much every thing on the menu made out of Papas (including our pizza crust and gnocci- yum!).

2. really cool hats that were made out of wool from sheep that were from Chiloe.

p.p.s. Carla, who works at "el mundo de la papa" (pictured with Grace and Theo) told us that 98% of the worlds' potatoes have genetic origins from those of Chiloé. According to Carla potatoes originated in Peru and Chiloé and when Colonial Spaniards exported the potato to Spain, the ones from Chiloé took. We haven't fact checked this, but it was fun to hear that el mundo de la papa has three goals; 1) run a successful restaurant, 2) function as a co-op for small potato farmers on Chiloé, and 3) promote understanding and pride in the potato heritage of Chiloé. We highly recommend the pizza and gnocci, next time we'll try to potato pie crust!

Sincerely, Grace and Laura

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