Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Theo's Criteria...somewhere where...

1. it does not go above 80 degrees F.
2. there is meat empanadas
3. there are different habitats and animals



  1. dear theo,
    I really like your meat empanada criteria and your picture. I would like meat emanadas to but I knew you were going to do it so did not do it. I really like your picture, cause it looks like the animal is clinging on for dear life
    love grace

  2. @GH - Good of you to spread out your food requests between yourselves. Smart strategy.

    @TW - A wonderful list. Do you want to be more specific about the kind of meat? While I agree that empanadas are a fine food and you could live on them alone, for a year. But, would you learn to like hamster or dog meat?

    Also, anytime you want to come visit cold and rainy Eugene, Oregon in the winter, do come on over. I'd be happy with a country that rarely gets BELOW 80 deg F.

    @Lojo - Penguins and cold....hmmm. I'm guessing that if you're near a beach with both of those criteria you might not want to go IN the water or lounge around on the sand for very long.

  3. Theo,

    The not above 80 degrees F is going to be tough. You might need to change that to 80 degrees C and you can go anywhere! A meat empanada sounds pretty good right about now.

    Good luck and hope for electricity and a fan!


  4. Theo- Cool list! Maybe if you combine yours and Gracie's list, you can have a penguin empanada. Keep writing posts, okay?

  5. Hi Theo!

    Yummm, empanadas! Great idea. What kind of animals are you interested in seeing?

    I wouldn't worry about the 80 degrees too much if I were you, especially if you're on the coast where it will be nice and breezy! And, I think your body gets used to the change in temperature after awhile. Can you imagine coming back to Minnesota after a year and seeing snow and icicles again?

    Remember to take lots of pictures and update your blog! Everyone at Joyce Preschool will be excited to hear about your adventure!

    Natalie (from Joyce)

  6. I hope you have fun wherever you are going. Take pictures.

  7. I hope you have a good time!

  8. Hi Theo,
    I especially like your different habitats and animals criteria - and I'll bet wherever you to, you'll find some things you'll never see in MN.

  9. Theo-

    I love meat empanadas too! I hope you find a great place where you can eat lots of them!

    I'm sure you are going to have a great adventure and get to see all kinds of cool things!


  10. Penguin empanadas are okay, they are a little better than eagle chalupas.

  11. Theo,

    Great criteria. Empanadas are the best. Can't wait to hear the big announcement of where it will be!!!


  12. Hi Theo. It's Heather. Love the blog.

  13. hi theo your photo looks totally silly. i like it! i am telling you you still have to go to seat jail remember? from etta

  14. Theo,
    I know you like the cooler weather so that makes sense. Always good to look for the yummy food and neat animals too!
    Auntie K, Alexander, and Mijla