Friday, October 22, 2010

grace's criteria.

hi,my name is grace and, here is my criteria,

1. I would like to see penguins on our trip
2. somewhere where they grow beets
3. somewhere where there are not to many people from the u.s.a.
4. somewhere where they have good desserts

thank you for reading my blog
from, grace h.


  1. dear grace.
    I really like your picture. it is very funny!
    love theo

  2. Great criteria! I love beets too. Can't wait to hear where the mystery destination is.

  3. Hey Grace,
    I would like to see real penguins too! I think your dessert criteria is another good one.

    One criteria I would have in selecting a place to go for a year would be a place where a sleeping bag could come in handy.

    Love, Uncle Rojo

  4. What terrific points you make Grace!

    @Auntie Caitlin - Why beets?
    1. They taste good when roasted
    2. They make the world (ahem) a lovely pink color for days and days.

    @Rojo - I'm pretty sure you're rooting for someplace cold, right? And while I'm guessing that will help with the penguins, I'm not sure I can agree with your criteria.

    @GH I like that half of your list involves food. What a smart woman you are. If it were me, I'd be more specific. Spain has lovely custards and vanilla things, but I'm a dark chocolate person. So, give me a country that makes a good flourless chocolate cake!

    Also, I've liked countries where folks did things that I thought were fun - like playing outside, dancing, hanging out (on beaches!) and things like that. But, that would be *my* list! Your list rocks!

  5. Gracie,

    The penguins could really skew your options. From this article, it appears that you are limited to Argentina, Chile and Peru and maybe the Galapagos, but they might not have the internet connection your dad needs. I am betting your mom can grow beets just about anywhere in Latin America, especially if it is near the coast. If you carry the day with penguins and not too many Americans, you could be headed to southern Chile. That sounds fun! Buena suerte.


  6. Hi Grace!

    I'm very curious about your criterion #2 - "Somewhere where they grow beets." I think beets are great - have you ever heard of beet ice cream?!

    Also, I think beets could be useful for dying fabrics. You could create some really cool tie-dye designs while you're abroad!

    Don't forget to send a postcard to Joyce Preschool during your adventure abroad!

    Un abrazo,
    Natalie (from Joyce)


  7. I hope you have a good time ! Eddie

  8. I like your list, Grace. If you go somewhere north of the Galapagos where there are no penguins, lobby your folks for a trip to the Galapagos during vacation: the penguins are really fun there, but you may find the blue-footed boobies win your heart.

  9. Grace,

    Penguins in South America sounds so neat! I love interesting animals like that. I bet you are going to see all kinds of unusual animals, insects, and creatures!

    I hope you post lots of pictures of all your animal sightings!


  10. I have never seen penguins except in the was good to talk about glad you are going on such a cool trip. have fun! from etta

  11. Gracie,
    Reasonable, creative, and outgoing list Gracie! We are so excited to hear of your adventures!
    Auntie K, Alexander, and Mijla

  12. Hey Gracie,

    I'm with you on the desserts and the beets (if they're pickled). I'm guessing you'll see penguins. What about seals?

    Grandma M