Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh Look! There's Four Trick or Treaters!!!

We joked that Gracie's "SCARY" Halloween costume could be the "Grouchy Gringa" and she could yell at kids in English in an old lady's voice..."Stop making all that racket!" and "What are you brats doing ringing my doorbell!". :-)

Far from scaring our trick or treating friends, we actually ran out our door and practically begged all four of them to come take a treat!

Our dear friends, Alonso, Maria Eugenia, and Andrea were over for dinner and all seven of us left the house to gawk at the small group crowded on the steep stairs that pass for our street. The sight of us all running out to witness this anomaly probably did scare them!

Earlier in the evening, Grace and Theo dressed up for our benefit. Theo dressed as a Chilean soccer fan and Gracie was a Peruvian flute player! Thus the Chile vs. Perú photo op. But it turns out our kids are a bit old for Chilean trick-or-treating.

So a fairly uneventful evening as far as Halloween goes. It seems as if Halloween in Chile is more of a US marketing import, in order to sell candy and costumes, than a holiday enjoyed by throngs of kids. I think we're all missing running around with friends and visiting all our favorite neighbors back in awesome Lyndale Neighborhood tonight.

And of course, because we handed out only four pieces of candy, we're back to last year's quandary. I quote from Theo's post from November 2010 (our most read post to date):
"I have been wondering what to do with all of my Halloween candy.

My mom says that I cannot take it with us to Chile (substitute the US here) and I cannot eat all of that

candy before we go. I need suggestions! Post a comment below. Theo"

Funny how some things have changed so much and others not at all, in one year's time.
Happy Halloween to all of you!


  1. Love this! We as well hosted all of the usual suspects, in large groups (the Grand Ave group, the 3300 blocks group, the 'dad's with dogs' group, the Harriet Ave babies group)...and that's about it. so, yep...lots of left overs. And next year...yea! an enlarged Garfield group!

  2. Linda, we were definitely thinking of Lynne and you when referring to missing visiting our favorite neighbors. Glad the usual suspects made their way around. Greetings! Laura

  3. We had no rain and reasonably warm weather to do our usual 4 block circuit near Cass's house. The kids got more candy than they can eat. So, maybe Theo and GH should take their candy to school and we'll send them some of ours when you return in Jan!