Thursday, December 30, 2010

You name this post...

Well, our too-good-to-be-true renters....were just that. Unfortunately, yesterday they backed out the day before they were to sign the lease for reasons that are their own to understand. What can we say? Another step in our journey that makes us want to cry but hopefully we will laugh about later. Dan said that this wouldn't be nearly as interesting if everything were easy and effortless. I think I could go for less interesting...

So onward. Here's a picture of our attic - you can see our storage feats! After adding quite a few more items this weekend, we will still be moving out to Dan's mom's house. So the house will be ready whenever some renters are. Here's a photo of the kids with their Christmas presents...Kindles for both of them. They are avid readers these days and electronic books seemed the best solution as we leave behind three bookshelves of treasures. Grace and Theo are also enjoying new journals from their auntie, from which I'm hoping they might share some of their thoughts here on the blog later.

Well, that's all for now. In an effort to recover from our disappointment, we are trying to joke about a title for this entry. Here's our suggestions this morning. We invite you to suggest others.

Grace, "Too good to be true" or "blue baboon."
Theo, "Doom, gloom and misery" or "Sad but true".
Laura, "No pain, no gain"or "the Renter Rollercoaster"

Our love and smiles to you all,
Laura, Grace and Theo (Dan's at work this morning- but he'd probably suggest something along the lines of "No use in worrying about things beyond our control").

Happy New Year!
(now back to packing)


  1. Very unhappy face :-(
    This is not the auspicious beginning you want for your adventure. I'm wishing you much better luck in the New Year (and SOON in the New Year, like next week!)

  2. I'm going with: "You're better off without them"! Your renters are still out there, waiting. Have patience dear one, this is just another lesson in letting go of the things you really can't control.

  3. I sent the ad on to the UofMn folks in Apec. Did you watch Glee Xmas for a smile ;-)

  4. What a bummer. Think of how what a nightmare it would be to deal with bad renters from far away though......

  5. Sorry to hear that, Lojo. Glad to hear you are pressing on.

  6. What a bummer! Sorry to hear about your delays. But the adventure still awaits you. We have decided to make a change in our location for the rest of our family sabbatical. We're off to Argentina this coming Saturday. We plan to settle in or near El Bolson, but it may take a a couple weeks to get there. Best of luck and let's keep in touch - Argentina is relatively close to Chile. - Natalie McIntire

  7. Que lata!! If there is anything I can do to help please let me know, I'm just across the street and will definitely "keep on eye" on your house whoever moves in!

    Buen viaje! Que lo disfruten mucho! Riana

  8. Laura, I passed on your rental info to someone tonight. Not exactly sure what they're looking for, but thought it could be a good fit.

  9. How about: Things could be worse!" I know, little consolation, but it's not quite as bad as that saying everyone seems to think you should hear at the end of a relationship : "It's better to have loved and lost.....blah, blah." I never think that's a good idea! Anyway, I know it will happen. We've had some set-backs, too, in areas that have been pretty simple in the past. It just takes longer to do and accomplish certain things now. Where are the good 'ole days? Wait, I'll stop there. That could be debatable. LOL! Sooo... Salute - and Happy New Year! LILA A.